Thursday, 20 May 2010

PI quilled flower girl

Hello!  Hope the sun's out where you are (it is here, though not quite the 'heatwave' that's been forecasted more of a tepid wave!)  Anyway, here's another Pure Innocence cutie ('flower girl') and she's got blond hair for a change (I tend to colour most of mine with black hair out of habit).

Also, do you see the four paper flowers I've added to the bouquet in the patterned paper?  Well, after seeing all these quilling goodies going up on the site thought I'd give it a go.

The daisy flower is just basic quilling of 6 loose circles pinched at one end to create the teardrop shape and the centre is a quilled tight circle.  The yellow and pink pom pom looking flowers are just strips I have fringed with scissors before quilling then fluffing out.  Then the fourth flower if you can call it that is the teeny tiny lilac rose bud.  You can find loads of instructions for quilling if you just google it.  Quilling is an artform in itself and you can take it to a whole other level but for me, it's just a fun way to add little embellies to my stamped images.  I think I'll be doing more of the fringed flowers as they will be great for the centres of my punched out paper flowers.  

Thanks for looking and have a fab rest of the day.


Judi said...

WoW Fran, this is lovely, love the image and flowers.

Judi xx

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