Monday, 19 May 2008

Coming soon!

Our shipment of the lovely Lily & Milo stamps by Rachelle Anne Miller are on their way to us and you can check them out here. If you sign up for email notifications via the website you can be amongst the first to find out when they arrive.

Just for a real tease we have also got the gorgeous Sarah Kay stamps up and ready for their release in June so you can get a sneaky peak at them here. Apologies for the random numbering of these lovelies but they haven't yet been named. We are already getting a lot of enquiries about the Sarah Kay range so they are welll worth keeping your eye on as we may release these for pre-order once we can be more certain of when they will be with us.

I am really looking forward to seeing both these ranges in the flesh and also seeing what amazing creations our talented design team come up with using them - no pressure ladies!



leann said...

Oh Bryony ~ that is teasing!!!
Pleeeease do a pre-order for them ~ please??!!

nessy said...

mmmmmmmmmm what to do? they are so gorgeous, those sarah kay stamps ~who would not want them ???
maybe pre ~order is a better ,even fairer way of doing it!
bryony, you really have some fantastic stamps in your shop , must stop looking!!LOL
vanessa xx