Sunday, 7 December 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

Here is a card I made today using the cute High Hopes stamps Perching Birdie, Landing Birdie, Nest, Branch and sentiment "Love Nest Valentine". Ok.. I know i'm so organized making a Valentine's card when it's December but it's only 9 weeks away! These stamps would also be perfect for Anniversaries or just to say hello to a friend in Springtime. The branch is versatile and can also be used horizontally.

I thought you would also like to see this card made by my 8 year old daughter Zoe for her teacher using High Hopes Mary J Teacher Angel and her desk. You thought these stamps were just for end of year cards.. right! Well with the Lg. Santa hat this was just perfect for her teachers Christmas card too!

Hope you had a great weekend!


Louise said...

Well done, Zoe, it's a great card. I'm sure your teacher will love it!
Louise x

Tracey said...

Your card is gorgeous and Zoe also did an incredible job!!

Helena said...

Fantastic! Love the writing on the board! LOL! So cute!

My partner is a teacher and I love it when he starts to bring home cards and pressies from the children, especially the home made things. It makes my Christmas! Everything goes up on display :)

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